Multi-faceted musician, he studied percussion and composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon, with a particular focus on interactions between instrumental gestures and electronic.

Approaching together interpretation, improvisation, composition, software and hardware design, he distinguished himself above all as an insatiable experimenter, collaborating in particular with composers such as Jose-Miguel Fernandez, Federico Schumacher, Cristian Morales-Ossio, Andrea Vigani, Vincent-Raphaël Carinola, Ondrej Adamek, Karl Nagaelen, Frédéric Pattar, Gérard Pesson.

He composed for various ensembles such as Ü in Estonia, Aashti and the Taipei Chinese Orchestra in Taiwan, the collective Spat’Sonore in France, as well as for stage music with the company The Guestof Yuval Pick, the Compagnie Complètement Dramatique de Guillaume Perrot or the Compagnie Irina Brookat the National Theatre of Nice.

Beyond the field of contemporary and experimental music, he is interested in traditional music, particularly those from South India, where he travels regularly to study and practice.

These multiple experiments lead him to develop a personal skill within the ensembles Trio de Bubar (with which he creates the shows Chiaroscuro, Dans l’ombre de Norman McLaren, Bubaropolis around the musical theatre and the theatre of objects), the Emeudroïdes (post-jazz quartet with which he creates Madhura Sopnam, the Emupo), the collective Spat’Sonore (collective of performers/improvisers who practice instrumental hacking in order to create new playing modes allowing sound spatialization, through acoustic means), or the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, conducted by Daniel Kawka.

Recently, he collaborated with the composer Ondrej Adamek and the GRAME organisation, for the creation of the unique instrument Airmachine 2, since what he interprets a concerto written for it.

In these multiple settings, he regularly performs abroad, in Europe, in America or in Asia, and records for various discographic labels (En jeux, Neos-music, Naïve, Sismal Records, Pueblo Nuevo, Aeon, Urborigène).

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